A Recipe for Success in the Music Industry

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A Recipe for Success in the Music Industry

Drake at 2016 Summer Sixteen Tour by Charito Yap

How do you succeed in the music industry? Some may say it’s all about being in the right place at the right time, but there’s much more to it than that.

If you’re searching for the recipe for success, we’re here to help. We may not be able to give you specific step-by-step instructions, as you’ll have to figure that part out in your own way, but we can give you the 6 secret ingredients…

A splash of Unique Branding

Branding is all about the iconography of your music. How can you compress your music down to the most concentrated and recognisable visual sign possible? It starts with many of the same questions you might ask in terms of song writing.

Think about keywords that you want your branding to bring across: is it serious? Lavish? Poppy? Suave? Branding is something that is both so easy to get right and so easy to get wrong.

Once you have got an idea of how you want the branding to be, think about how you can achieve it visually – will you need a graphic designer? A photographer? What photography styles might suit the branding and do you know any visual artists that might be able to help?

The best branding can be both simple and striking so long as it is well thought out and professionally executed. Your act’s brand is the first thing that anyone will see whether it online, at live shows or in general advertising so make sure that first impression is excellent and you will certainly reap the rewards for it.

Lashings of Hard work and Personnel

How to Grow a Loyal Fan Base and Make Money

Make sure you have a good team of people behind the business side of your music. Whether its promotors, managers, publishers, publicity managers or social media managers, you should always go to the best you can afford so you have the opportunity to take it to the next level.

If you are looking for biography writing, photography, videography, graphic design and website development, you should definitely contact Banq Media, we will certainly be able to help you make the next step.

A cupful of Authenticity

Authenticity is something that is integral to the success of a musical act but at the same time very difficult to define.

On one hand, it is about being true to the geographical and cultural roots of musical genres and their heritage but at the same time it can be seen as tastefully drawing on a range of influence in order to create something new that is ‘authentic’ to its roots.

On the other hand, there are certain more reductive views that only someone of x heritage or culture can create great music of x genre. Songwriting is and has always been about the collision of ideas and contrasting ways of seeing the world. It is richer because the differences between people, not because of their similarities.

So, managing influences is a way of appearing authentic to your fan-base. How do we go about this? It is all about acceptable levels of similarity: drawing on something good without straightforwardly copying it.

If your influences are all from the same genre and you don’t offer anything musically beyond them, you are cutting out pictures and moving them around.

By the same token, if you draw from a range of influences outside your chosen genre but acknowledge the successes and conventions of your genre as well, you make a more meaningful contribution to it.

A dash of Digital marketing

Never has success in the music industry been more about digital marketing. So many new fans find their favourite acts on the internet these days it is amazing!

And that’s not even mentioning radio and TV, both of which still have a massive part to play. Digital marketing involves so much and is so important it is almost a shame to consign it to one entry on this list!

It involves, building social media followings over a range of platforms, putting together relevant interesting content that your fanbase can interact with, creating street teams of fans that can help spread the work in return for exclusive deals and merchandise and scheduling adverts so that demographics of potential fans get as much exposure to your material as humanly possible.

It also involves website design, post interaction, pitching to TV and radio Platforms and more. Now this list does go on and because it is so much work, you should definitely  contact us to learn more about it and see what assistance we can offer to help ensure that your musical career is as successful as it can be.

Season with Song-writing: Strive for the Perfect Hook  

Good song-writing is the heartbeat of successful every artist that is has been and ever will be.

There has to be something to it. Clever lyrics, infectious melodies, soaring soundscapes, there has to be a point of entry, something unique that a fan-base can identify with.

Is the music funny or comical? Is it heavy? Is it sassy? These are all the questions you should be asking in the planning stage of the song-writing.

One thing that serves as a general guide for this process is structuring and building the song around a hook. Now this isn’t a hook in the pop catchy-chorus sense, it could be anything that resonates with you and your vision for the song.

It could be a chord sequence, a lyrical couplet, a catchy lead-line or a rhythm that can be taken, developed and reinterpreted within the song.

A mistake many poor songwriters make is that they try to fit too many ideas into a song and it becomes too much of a cacophony of ideas. To the listener, it comes off as though they have become disinterested with a certain section and move on regardless of whether or not the listener can follow it.

Now the well cited counter argument for this is genres such as classical, progressive rock, metal, or complextro. These genres are progressive by nature and require many different sections that are different to the last.

It is true that these genres have more complicated structure and many different sections, but it is likely that the best of them are structured around a hook and what is ‘progressive’ is how that hook is changed.

So, for instance, the initial hook might change time-signature or change from an Aeolian to Dorian mode. No matter what genre good song-writing is centred on that hook, that rootstock that new ideas can be forged from and grow organically out of.

Serve with a whole lot of Networking

Now networking can seem like another one of those holy grail style tasks that many a musician has claimed to do and many people approach it cautiously.

At the end of the day networking is making new friends. It is making your face known, going to and arranging events, it is always being punctual and considerate with the people you work with and making sure what you are promoting is the best possible product you could come up with.

In many ways, if networking isn’t fun, you are doing it wrong. Networking is making friends because if the people you meet in the industry don’t become comrades, gig buddies or fellow music nerds, how likely are they to help you out when you need something?

And it is not a case of going out there and forcing yourself on all of the esteemed promotors in the city, that could come off as fake and forced. It’s about supporting people who share your level of musical commitment and interest, and of course, having fun!

Written by Kia Hunt

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